ID Card Printers in Somalia

Alankit being the distributor of ID card printers in Somalia has conducted various projects for the printing of smart cards. We provide various printing solutions with exceptional features and an excellent range of card printers, which are not only simple and user friendly but also provide a perfect solution for smart card printers in Somalia.

Our bouquet of exceptional smart card printer in Somalia features includes:

  • High-Quality Images
  • Outstanding Speed for Improved Productivity
  • Automatic Two-Sided Printing

We ensure our customers the achievement of their critical business priorities by focusing primarily on cost-effective deployment and customer-oriented solutions.

The company offers a wide variety of plastic card printers in Somalia for our huge clientele network across the state. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals uses indispensable insights and cutting-edge technology to help businesses and clients achieve the best business solutions.

The Company offers the distribution of millions of multiple card types such as:

  • National ID Card
  • Pension Card
  • Membership Card
  • Health Card
  • Loyalty Card
  • Visiting Card
  • Vaccination Certification Card
  • Driving License
  • School ID Card
  • Corporate ID Cards

Our Products

IDP Faith Solid 310D

Solid 310D

Solid 310S

Solid 310R

Solid 510D

Solid 510S

Solid 510L

Benefits of ID Card Printers

In today’s security-aware world, smart cards have become an eminent part of the identity code for all sorts of organisations. While purchase of smart cards is suitable for small scale organisations, those who want masses should always prefer buying smart card printers. We provide PVC card printer in Somalia with numerous advantages including:

  • Reduce long-term costs

A Smart card printer that is capable of printing the entire card, including personalised details (photo, name, etc.) and security features like holograms, or watermarks is feasible for a large scale organisation as it reduces the cost of outsourcing. And while Smart card printers are more expensive, the ability to print directly to a blank card can save the organisation even more than having to buy pre-printed cards that need to be personalised in-house.

  • Quick Issuance

For security reasons, it is important that everyone has ID cards. This can be a problem when new employees, students or visitors have to wait for their cards to be ordered, printed and shipped before they can be issued. The in-house ID card printer can be used to issue new and replacement cards on request so that everyone always has a card with them. Here too, the Smart card printers have advantages, because the purchase of blank cards is done quickly so that they don’t run out. With outsourced cards, organisations will have to wait for their personalised cards to be printed, which may take a little longer to arrive.

  • Removes Security Flow

The ability to issue cards quickly means that the use of generic temporary cards can be eliminated. This eliminates potential security flaws as temporary cards, which do not include personalised information, can be used by anyone. They potentially enable people to gain access to the building or allow unscrupulous employees to use them instead of their own cards to carry out unauthorised activities.

  • Control Over Printing Process

From a security point of view, purchasing an ID card printer can be more advantageous as when personal information and security features are printed or smart cards are programmed in-house, the possibility of outside interference, such as unauthorized access is reduced. Having your own printer also gives you more control over the card creation process, allowing you to produce different types of cards for different user groups, or change your designs regularly to prevent fraud.

  • In-House Skills Development

Some aspects of running an internal ID printing process may require initial training, providing employees and these skills means that the organisation will not have to pay for them in the future and provide the employees with an opportunity to train others.

This may include skills in printer maintenance, card design, security management, and linking the printer and associated software to the organisation’s existing infrastructure, such as access control, logical access and cashless vending systems.

Purchasing an ID card printer from Alankit can bring many benefits to an your organisation by improving security, speeding up card issuance processes and reducing the cost of purchasing printed cards from third-party suppliers. This makes them ideal for companies, educational institutions, health foundations and local authorities.